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This is a key transformational period for the Taiwan forestry. In the face of global environmental deterioration and snowballing climate change, the world has realized that forests provide an effective means of protecting the ecological balance and biodiversity. Environmental restoration and the protection of national land are becoming increasingly urgent issues in Taiwan due to the country's many floods, typhoons, and landslides. Accordingly, in the face of international and domestic pressure, the Forestry Bureau is appropriately adjusting its core mission of forest management and conservation in order to embrace new values. We see change and transformation as opportunities, however, and are upgrading our services accordingly. We have long performed forest management in line with our core values of "maintaining the forest ecology and conserving natural resources." This work consists of the four main areas of maintaining the sustainability of forests and natural resources; restoring and protecting national land and building a safe environment; multiple-use management of forests and creation of forest value; and participative management and adoption of public-friendly forestry. We seek to create a safe and secure homeland sheltered by a green canopy; restore mountain forests to their original appearance; maintain diverse ecological systems; and establish an environment fostering health, recreation, and education. We are drafting and implementing various projects to achieve these goals.   Forests are an important natural resource for many of the world's countries, and are an integral part of environmental protection. This is especially the case in Taiwan, which has 59% forest cover. The role of Taiwan's forests has gradually evolved in keeping with changes in the social environment and public expectations. Citizens are now widely aware that forests' ecological and social benefits include conservation of water, species conservation, carbon sequestration, and recreation. We would like to give people a better understanding of this Bureau's services and mission, and we hope that audience will assist us in making improvements. 【The information from Forestry Bureau,C.O.A.】