Explore Taiwan (台灣) Gopro style

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Taiwan is an amazing place to live in, there's nothing you can't find on this small island. I put together this short edit hoping that I could share the fun of Taiwan with the fun of a Gopro. 我們希望透過Gopro告訴大家, 台灣是一個要玩山玩水, 要從事各種探險都可以的壯觀小島. Shot 100% with GoPro3+ Black Edition Music 音樂 : Dejans-Missing You Edit 剪輯 : Premiere Pro & After Effects CS6 Please Subscribe for more content: http://goo.gl/xGaUCX 如果喜歡我們的影片請點一下左邊的連結: http://goo.gl/xGaUCX