Add your blog posts to existing guides

A site member asked :

I would like to share them with the site, but I'm not sure what the right way to it is.

  • Should I upload them or should I link to my blog?
  • Should I post them in a blog entry on Taiwanderful? I noticed that Taiwanderful has book pages that can be edited and revised by users, but I prefer that the content would stay static and only editable by myself. Is that possible?

Yes. It is possible.

Your blog posts on Taiwanderful are your own, and you're the only one who can edit those. Taiwanderful has a neat feature that allows adding you blog posts into an already existing guide by following those steps :

  • Write a blog post, submit it.
  • When viewing your post you'll notice a tab called "outline", choose "outline".
  • Select the parent for your content among all existing guide content. If you want it to appear at the end select weight 10, if you want it to appear at the start - select -10.


In your own blog, you can link to who ever you feel like, including your own blog, as long as it follows the site guidelines.