Xiao Wulai waterfall 小烏來瀑布

xiao wulai waterfall in taoyuan county, taiwan

Xiao Wulai Waterfall (小烏來瀑布) is located near the town of Fuxing in Taoyuan County. It is a spectaculare waterfall and very easy to access without any strenuous hiking involved. Near the top of the waterfall you can see the "Wind Moving Rock" (風動石) - a large boulder that seems precariously balanced. Xiao Wulai should not be confused with Wulai , south of Xindian in Taipei County. Although they are both famous for their waterfalls and Atayal culture.

fuxing bridge in taoyuan county

The surrounding area also has a number of places of interest. It is at the upper reaches of the Shimen Reservoir. This area is home to the Atayal tribe, the aboriginal tribe that lives in the mountainous areas of Northern Taiwan.

There is a small museum (復興立泰雅織工藝文物館) in the nearby town of Luofu which shows the traditional weaving methods of the Atayal. Luofu also has the twin bridges across the Dahan River.

Fuxing (復興) is the main town in the area. Here you can sample some of the special local foods. Mushroom based dishes are very popular and you can also try bamboo tube rice (竹桐飯).

A little further beyond all these places are Dongyan Shan (東眼山) and the Lala Shan old trees.

Getting to Xiao Wulai is a little difficult without your own vehicle. However, it is possible to take a bus from Taipei or Taoyuan to Daxi and then another bus to Fuxing. From there you could take a taxi to Xiao Wulai and some of the other local attractions. Buses going on to Luofu from Fuxing will pass about one kilometre from the entrance to Xiao Wulai.