Public holidays in Taiwan

Public holidays in 2015

  • 1 January (Thu), New Year's Day (additional holiday on Friday 2 January)
  • 18 - 23 February, Lunar New Year (The first day of the Lunar New Year is 19 February)
  • 28 February (Sat), 228 Memorial Day (additional holiday on Friday 27 February)
  • 4-5 April (Sat-Sun), Children's Day & Tomb Sweeping Festival (additional holiday on Friday 3 April)
  • 20 June (Sat), Dragon Boat Festival (additional holiday on Fridy 19 June)
  • 27 September (Sun), Mid-Autumn Festival (additional holiday on Monday 28 September)
  • 10 October (Sat), Double Ten National Day (additional holiday on Friday 9 October)

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Please note: These are the official government holidays. There may be other days were festivals take place or other significant dates on the calendar. Christmas Day is NOT a holiday in Taiwan. These holidays may not be observed by all businesses but apply to schools and government offices. Please check the with the specific business or organisation as to how their work is affected by these dates. Also refer to the Wikipedia page Public holidays in Taiwan for more information.