Links to betel nut girl photos

betel nut girl photos

Photos by Tobie Openshaw

Tobie Openshaw, a South African photographer, has spent six years photographing betel nut girls in Taiwan. In February and March 2007 an exhibition of his photos was held in Taipei. Tobie is also working on a documentary about betel nut girls in Taiwan.

You can see some of Tobie's photos at flickr .

Some betel nut girl photos from flickr

Flickr has quite a number of betel nut girl photos. Begin by checking out the photos in the Taiwan Betelnut Beauties group. Also have a look at the most interesting photos tagged with betelnut @ flickr. Here are some links to a few of them.

Photos by Wally Santana

Wally Santana has a Taiwan Betel Nut gallery at PBase. 

Photos by Michael Turton

Michael Turton's webpage Betel Nut Girls of Taiwan has a vast collection of betel nut girl photos.

More photos

Photos of betel nut beauties can be found in numerous places on the internet. The links here are to some of the more interesting photos. Some of the photos also help to show the context in which the girls work. They usually sit in boxes with large glass windows. The betel nut stands are located on road sides, often in industrial areas, where Taiwan's ugly side is evident.

I have credited the source of the photos wherever possible.