Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery 靈鷲山

Buddha Eye Gate

Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery (靈鷲山無生道場) is a Buddhist temple located on the northeast coast near Fulong. The temple was established by Master Hsin Tao (心道法師) who came to the mountain to practice meditation in 1983.

Guan Yin Park at Ling Jiou Mountain in Taiwan

The temple is in a spectacular location high on a mountain with stunning views over the Pacific Ocean and along the coast. You can spend some time visiting the different parts of the Buddhist centre including the Patriarch Temple, Ocean Viewing Platform and Guanyin Park.

You can get there by a shuttle bus from the Fulong Railway Station, but you should call the temple in advance to ask them to pick you up. The number is (02) 2499 1100. Please note the monastery is closed to visitors on Mondays.