History and Politics by Jerome Keating

cover of Taiwan Struggles of a Democracy by Jerome Keating

Island in the Stream: A Quick Case Study of Taiwan's Complex History
by April C.J. Lin and Jerome F. Keating
SMC Publishing, Taipei, 2000
ISBN: 9576385571

Taiwan: The Struggles of a Democracy
by Jerome F. Keating
SMC Publishing Inc, 2006
ISBN: 9574137708

Taiwan: The Search for Identity
by Jerome F. Keating
SMC Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 9574152605

For an introduction to the history and politics of Taiwan look no further than these three books written by Jerome Keating.

Island in the Stream gives a great overview of Taiwan's history. Beginning from the visits of colonial powers through the Japanese era to the arrival of the KMT it helps one see the complexity of Taiwan's history.

The Struggles of a Democracy focuses on Taiwan's politics looking primarily at the struggle for and development of democracy on the island. This struggle is a continual theme not just in recent history, but through the Japanese era and even before that time.

The Search for Identity looks at how 100 years of colonialism by the Japanese and KMT has attempted to impose an identity on Taiwanese. However, Keating asserts that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts or any one of its parts. This book is fully bi-lingual (English and Chinese).