Fulong Beach 福龍

surfing at Fulong Beach in Taipei County

A broad expanse of golden sand, Fulong is the one of the best beaches in northern Taiwan. It can be reached in a little over an hour by train from Taipei. It's likely to be crowded on the weekends during summer. At other times there will be few people here. The central area of the beach has a roped off area patrolled by life guards. As most Taiwanese can't swim the life guards are a little over zealous and will start blowing their whistles if you go in anywhere the water is more than knee deep. If you find this annoying head down to the end of the beach and swim in peace. You'll avoid the crowds that way too. Occasionally the waves are big enough to surf here, but if you're serious about surfing head for Honeymoon Bay (蜜月灣), near Daxi (大溪) a little further along the coast.

Dongxing Temple at Fulong Beach in Taipei County

Dongxing Temple at the eastern end of Fulong beach