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Which way is better?

I'll be travelling with my family to Taiwan and am planning for a route that would not waste much time on road travels.

The itinerary goes like this:

Yilan - Hualien - Cingjing - Kenting - Kaoshiung - Taichung - Taipei

However, I have problem checking for info on travelling time, seems like travelling Yilan - Cingjing - Hualien is better? Or stick to Yilan - Hualien - Cingjing? Which route is better? We'll be staying overnight at each visit.

You can access Cingjing from

You can access Cingjing from either Yilan or Hualien. It really depends on whether you want to drive the coastal route from Yilan to Hualien or stick to the mountainous routes.

Also if you go to Cingjing then Hualien it would be best to drive from Hualien to Kenting directly rather than doubling back through the mountains. Alternatively you could go from Hualien to Cingjing then onto Taichung. From Taichung go to Kaohsiung then Kenting and finally back to Taipei. These routes minimise any backtracking.