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Taiwan VISA from Hong Kong


Could you tell me a bit about the visa policy for Taiwan? i.e. -
1. Do Israelis entering Taiwan need a visa?
2. If the answer to #1 is affirmative, can it be issued in Hong Kong?
3. What requirements are there for entry as a tourist? Do I need an outbound flight ticket? A bank statement?
4. Anything else I may have forgot to ask....


Getting your Taiwan VISA in HK

1. Israelis need VISA.
2. Yeah, there's one in HK, they can issue a VISA within an hour or two, if you're willing to pay the extra bucks (which is what I did on my VISA run a few years back):
Chung Hwa Travel Service Hong Kong

40th Floor, Tower One, Lippo Centre No. 89
Hong Kong

3. I think you will need a ticket leaving Taiwan, they're really strict about potential illegal English teachers lately. HK is especially famous for being strict, so having a bank statement could help. I suggest you bring what ever you can that might show evidence that you're not going to stay and work.

4. Nothing comes to mind, let me know if you need anything else .


Visa to China, applied from Taiwan

Hello to everyone. This is my first time here. Wondering if anyone would know if a German (now traveling to Taiwan) could apply for touristic visa to HK and mainland China here?

Thanks a million for your time.


Visa to HK and China from Taiwan

As far as I know, you don't really need a VISA to HK, and you can get your China VISA in HK. I heard there are some travel agencies in Taiwan that have branches in HK that might do this whole service for you from Taiwan.


Some travel agencies will

Some travel agencies will courier your passport to Hong Kong but that's just going to add to your costs. You will probably need to go through Hong Kong anyway if you are heading to China from Taiwan so your best bet is to pick up your visa there. HK is generally the easiest place to get the China visa, I got mine within 24hours. It's worth keeping in mind however that current policy is to insist on an onward ticket and confirmed hotel bookings before the visa is issued.

Indonesian need student visa

Hi guys,

I'm Indonesian but currently in China. I'm going to Taiwan to study next month and I was thinking of go directly from Hong Kong to Taiwan. I've asked HK office and they say it is not possible to get student visa in HK cause I'm Indonesian, but it is possible to get a visitor visa. So, is it possible to change my visitor visa to student visa in Taiwan?

Thanks for your help

Changing to student VISA

I've done the same thing when I got here. Got here on an extendable tourist VISA with letters indicating that I'm a student, and so changing to resident VISA and then to ARC was a breeze. If you don't have those letters on your VISA application, what you need to make sure is that when you apply for the VISA you tell them this is what you're planning to do so that the VISA status would be changeable. Supporting documents from your university might help. especially a letter from the university you're going to.

I think that when it comes to a visitor's VISA this means it's extendable (don't have "no extensions" mark) and that you get enough time for you to complete the procedure (pay the school, get receipt, go the government office nearby and do the procedure).


Good luck, would be nice if you'd tell us how it ended up for you when you're through.


do US citizen visa to travel/stay in Taiwan for 2 months?

Please advise me if I need to get any sort of VISA to travel to TAIWAN and stay there for 2 months?
Also, is that including the 19 month old kid?

Thanks I appreciate your reply asap!

Two months stay in Taiwan requires a VISA

You may not need a VISA for up to 30 days, but for 2 months you would need a visitor's VISA.

More information in the following links :

Let me know if you need anything else.

Good luck, enjoy your visit.

TW visa for US citizen

Thanks for your help!
Where can we obtain our visas? Do we need to get it done in the US before we travel or we can do it when we are in TW?
And possibly how much are they gonna cost?
Thanks again!

Check with the Taiwanese representation near your home

The last link I gave you last time includes the rates for the different VISA and any other information you may need.

You'll need a VISA before entering Taiwan. If you arrive in Taiwan without a VISA you'll probably only be granted a 30 days nonextensible VISA.


do Indonesian living in China need visa to go to Taiwan?

My friend has wedding on October in Taiwan, thinking to give him congrats by attending his wedding. Wondering if I can go directly to Taiwan or do I need to apply visa first. Seems there's no Taiwan embassy in Shanghai (where I live)
How to apply visa if I need it?
Where to apply it?
How is the best scene that I can do it if I only have a week in total (including attending the wedding)?

RE: Indonesian in Chiina need visa for taiwan

Hi. I am in the same situation; Indonesian living in Shanghai and I want to go to Taiwan for two weeks to visit my sister who is working there.

So I need a visa, yeah, and I can only get that in HK?

Yes, you will need a visa.

Yes, you will need a visa. You can apply for it in Hong Kong. You could also make inquiries about whether a travel agent in Shanghai can arrange the visa for you, but I am not sure if it is possible or not.

Relocate to Taipei

Hie! Is there anyway that I could bring my Indonesian domestic maid with me from Singapore to Taiwan, but without going through the Taiwan legal maid employment procedures and such. Thing is, my work there might just be about a year or less, so getting her back to Indonesia for the course and the time taken to apply for Taiwan work visa etc, might be too time consuming.

And as a visitor visa into Taiwan for Indonesian, whats the longest duration do we have? And there's something you talked about 'extendable visa'?

Thank you and hope you can help me out here, really appreciate it...


Argentinian living in China passing thru Taipei

Hi, I am working and living in Beijing at the moment. I will be visiting Bali next month and will stay one night in Taipei on my way to Bali and back.

I was wondering if I need a Visa for Taipei.
Is there a way that I can apply/purchase it while I land at Taipei's airport?
if not and I need a VIsa, is there an agency or a way to apply from Beijing. Don't think can go to Hong Kong to apply for it.

Many thanks!

One day stay Taipei - VISA

I'm not a big expert, but I would say - being from Argentina - you'll need a VISA, and you can't get it upon arrival.

I'm guessing a travel agent would do all the paperwork for you to send the documents to the Taiwan office in HK and sort things out for you.

You can contact the HK Taiwan office on the phone and ask:

Taiwan Consulate , China

40th Floor, Tower One, Lippo Centre No. 89 Queensway
PO Box 13485
Hong Kong
+2-852-2810 0591


More information on Taiwan VISA is available here :


BTW - check out the 1 day stay promotions on


Enjoy your stay.

Visa to Taiwan from Shanghai

Hello I live in Shanghai and I would like to ask how a foreigner could get a tourist visa to taiwan.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the information.

Proved really helpful.


regarding taiwan Visa

I am a NEPALESE student in Beijing. I need to go to Taiwan on january 22nd 2010 for conference. How can i get Taiwan visa from China? How much time do i really need?

Thanks in advance

Taiwan VISA in HK

Most updated information can be found here - (May 2010)


Telephone: (852) 2530-1187

Address: 40 th Floor, Tower One, Lippo Centre, No. 89 Queensway, Hong Kong

Direction: You may arrive at the Chung Hwa Travel Service by taking MTR getting off at Admiralty

Station and take Exit B.

Service Hours:

Submission: Mondays to Fridays --------9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Collection: Mondays to Fridays -------- 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Hong Kong public holidays and October 10, National Day of the Republic of China.

The service will be temporarily suspended without prior notice if Typhoon Signal No.8 is hoisted or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is announced by the Hong Kong Observatory (

Processing Time:

Standard: Applications submitted before 14:00 can be collected after 16:00 the following working day.

Rush: 1.Applications submitted before 11:00 can be collected after 16:00 the same day.

   2.Applications submitted after 11:00 can be collected after 10:00 the following working day.

The Chung Hwa Travel Service provides express service. Applicants can pay Rush Handling charge to obtain a visa in half normal processing time if the application is approved.

Fees: Single Entry Visitor Visa --- HKD400   Multiple Entry Visitor Visa -- HKD800

   Single Entry Resident Visa ----HKD530

Rush Handling fee: an additional 50% of the visa fee

Reciprocal Handling fee: HKD1050 (for US passport holders only)

How to Submit: Visa application can be submitted in person, or by an agent. A photocopy of a valid identity card or passport of the agent is required.

Basic Documents required for the Visa application:

(Applicants are required to provide sufficient document. Cases of insufficient document will very likely result in a delayed processing of visa)

1. Passport: The validity should be no less than 6 months.

2. Visa Application Form: A duly completed and signed visa application form. This form is free of charge at the Chung Hwa Travel Service and can be downloaded from: or here

3. Photos: Two ( 2” X 2” ) color photos taken within last 6 months.

4. Hong Kong Resident is required HKID copy, HKID is not required for non-Hong Kong resident.

5. In addition to the basic required documents as listed from 1-4, all applicants are required to provide documents verifying the purpose of application.

A. Visitor Visa: (intended stay in Taiwan for less than 6 months)

1. Business: a company letter certifying the current and valid employment, the record of business registration, the record of business transaction or the record of company tax.

2. Tourism / Social visit: a proof of financial support e.g. a bank account passbook, a bank statement or a proof of current employment.

3. Visiting Relatives: a proof of relationship between the applicant (e.g. birth certificate) and a photocopy of the relative's resident status in Taiwan (e.g. household registration, Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).)

4. Short-term Study of Chinese: an enrollment certificate of the schools recognized by ROC Ministry of Education ( and a proof of sufficient funds to support the applicant's tuition and living expenses during the period of the applicant's stay in Taiwan.

5. Domestic Helper Traveling with the Employer: According to the Labour Law of the Republic of China, all prospective foreign employees must obtain work permit from the Labour Affairs Council before entering Taiwan.

6. Employment or performing a contract (more than 14 days): A permit from the ROC Council of Labor Affairs or the competent government departments.

B. Resident Visa: (intended stay in Taiwan for more than 6 months)

(Applicants are required to prepare a full set of documents mentioned below in both original and copy)

1. Employment: an employment authorization from the Council of Labor Affairs or the competent government departments.

2. Foreign Spouse to Join An ROC Citizen: a certificate of marriage registration/a certificate of marriage issued by the applicant's government and it must be authenticated by an ROC Embassy, Consulate or Mission with jurisdiction over the place of issuance, a family household registration issued within the past 3 months in which the data on marriage status, name and nationality of the foreign spouse have been entered, a health certificate, a no criminal record for the past 5 years.

3. Foreign Spouse to Join an ARC Holder: a marriage certificate issued by the applicant's government and authenticated by an ROC Embassy, Consulate or Mission with jurisdiction over the place of issuance, the principal alien's ARC, a health certificate, (applicants eligible for visa-exempt entry and visa upon arrival are waived a health certificate )

4. Children under 20 years old to Join ROC's citizen parents: a birth certificate issued by the applicant's government and it must be authenticated by an ROC Embassy, Consulate or Mission with jurisdiction over the place of issuance, an original copy of the parent's household registration issued within three months, a health certificate (the applicant is above 6 years old.)

5. Children under 20 years old to Join Foreign parents: a birth certificate issued by the applicant's government and it must be authenticated by an ROC Embassy, Consulate or Mission with jurisdiction over the place of issuance, an original of the parent's valid Alien Resident Certificate which is acquired through independent status, a health certificate, (the applicants under 6 years old or eligible for visa-exempt entry and visa upon arrival are waived a health certificate.)

* Applicants of some nationalities are required to have a sponsor in Taiwan to complete guarantee procedure. For detailed application procedure please visit website:

Note :

1. Subject to the Statute Governing Issuance of the R.O.C. Visas in Foreign Passports, the application fee once paid is not refundable.

2. The Chung Hwa Travel Service does not issue visas. All visa applicants are required to bring the processed application form with passport to Visa Office at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport or the offices of the BOCA in Taiwan to obtain and stick a visa onto the passport.

3. The applicant has to declare the purpose of entry honestly. The purpose of Visa application must be the same as the purpose of entry. Please provide the necessary documents as stated in this notice.

4. Please be advised that failure to provide the basic documents required as listed from 1-5 will lead to delay or denial visa. The Chung Hwa Travel Service will inform the applicants in writing to provide additional documents where it considers necessary within a designated period of time. Working days for processing are subject to change and the aforementioned working time will cease to apply.

5. For detailed and update information on application for Resident Visa, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Consular Affairs. ( For further information on residence in Taiwan, employment, education, taxation and related services of foreign nationals, please visit the web site

6. Applicants who used to have the nationality of mainland China are required to provide related documents showing that having resided in foreign countries for at least four years before submitting the applications.