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Taiwan itinerary

Hi there,

I am new to TAIWANderful & thought I might get some great suggestions regarding traveling in Taiwan.

In 2014, my family's 3rd visit to Taiwan, a friendly taxi driver suggested we should consider exploring Taiwan starting from Kaohsiung up to Taipei. Most Free & Easy Traveller to Taiwan usually touch down at Taoyuan International Airport, starting their tour from Taipei & perhaps a few other county & then backward to Taoyuan again for their returning flight home. Because it is fresh travelling from the South to the North of Taiwan, I am keen to explore Taiwan again for the 4th time.

However, I am still unfamiliar with many places in Taiwan. Appreciate that you could suggest an itinerary with places of interest worth visiting.
Transport connectivity starting from Kaohsiung all the way upwards to Taipei should be conveniently accessible.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Warmest Regards

I suggest you consider

I suggest you consider visiting the east coast on your fourth trip. You've probably already visited many places of interest on the west coast. Alternatively you might think about visiting some of Taiwan' outlying islands. Orchid Island and Green Island could be included on a trip to the east coast or you could visit Penghu by ferry or plane from various ports and airports on the west coast.