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Recommended Taiwanese movies

I'm a bit new to Taiwan. Can you please recommend some good Taiwanese movies for me to watch?

Recommended Taiwanese movies

Taiwanderful has a Taiwan movie guide at -

and if you want to watch some online with English subtitles -

I strongly recommend starting off with Eat Drink Man Woman. One of my all time favorites.

Others you might want to start with from the Taiwan movie list -
Island Etude
The Most Distant Course
Orz Boys
Cape Number 7 (Mandarin/Taiwanese)
1895 (Japanese/Taiwanese/Hakka/Mandarin)

(David - what do you think?)

Let me know how you liked those.


There are lots of great

There are lots of great films, but the style of these films is often what is described as "arthouse". They are great works of cinema, but not always easily accessible to a general audience.In this genre I recommend:

Three Times - Hou Hsiao-hsien's beautiful film starring Shu Qi and Chang Chen. A love story across three times - 1911, 1966 and 2005

Rebels of the Neon God - Tsai Ming-liang classic about the life of Taipei youth in the early 1990s. 

Ill just recommend a few recent films which I think have artistic merit, but are more easily accessible.

Eternal Summer - this is a very powerful story about teenage relationships. It is unfortunate it never got much attention because it is a fantastic film.

Orz Boyz - wonderful story about children that will appeal to all age groups. 

Parking - dark comedy set in Taipei.

A few more worth a look are Island Etude, God Man Dog, The Most Distant Course and  1895.

A few interesting ones set to come out in the next few months are Yang Yang, A Place of One's Own and No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti. 

there are also other films

there are also other films like:

winds of september
i don´t wanna sleep alone
the wayward cloud

which i have seen recently


the wayward cloud

You liked "the wayward cloud"? That was a really odd movie, I didn't know what to think of it. For a Taiwan newbie, it might be a bit too much "culture", don't you think?

Note to self - Some of those are posted on the Taiwan Movie Guide, I should add the others.


I am interested in Taiwanese

I am interested in Taiwanese cinema and would like to start a movie collection.  Do you know where I can buy Taiwanese movies/DVDS?  Thanks.

Yes Asia

Yes Asia has a fairly large collection. Browse through their offerings here :



Many thanks...

Many thanks...