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questions about teaching English in Taiwan

I'd like to teach English in Taiwan, but there i have so may questions and no answers!

Would I be able to save a sizable amount of money teaching in Taiwan, or would it be better to go to S. Korea or somewhere like that? Money is not the most important factor here, but I'd like to come back with more money than I started out with, and have some savings.

I don't have a teacher's certificate, although I do have a bach degree. If I'm not certified, will I be making less money/have a bad job/not be able to find a job?

Is entertainment (bars, clubs, whatever people do for fun) quite expensive?

Do you recommend any placement agencies? I have looked at Hess and IACC.

Also, this may be random,but I am a tall white chick, ad I don't know how I'd be received over there. Will people think I'm a freak? Will I look like a target for getting mugged or ripped off? This seems petty, but I'm not sure what to expect.

Thanks, and I hope someone replies to this post.(If you do, thanks again in advance.) 


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I previously answered the

I previously answered the question about saving money in some another post on the forum. See No easy money for English teachers.

A bachelor's degree is the only legal requirement for a foreigner to teach English in Taiwan. Generally in the private language school (buxiban) job market they don't particularly care about your qualifications. However, the job market for teaching English has become more competitive in recent years so having some sort of qualification may be an advantage for some jobs.

I have only ever heard bad things about IACC. Hess is probably an OK place to start if you are prepared to fit into their system. Also have a look at Reach to Teach recruiting.

Taiwan is quite a safe country and violent street crimes are quite rare (except for cases of gangsters shooting each other). I am sure you will attract attention but it will be of the curious and friendly type. As long as you are self confident and happy to engage with people then you will get along fine.

The cost of going out to bars and clubs really depends on how much you drink and how often you go out. Drinks at a bar are usually priced between NT$100-200, perhaps a bit more for cocktails or in some more fancy venues. There are always lots of cultural events and festivals going on around Taiwan. Often these are free. Check the Friday edition of the Taipei Times for event listings. is also a good source of information about live music.