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Learn Chinese in Taiwan

I'm planning to study mandarin in taiwan or shanghai. Frankly speaking, I'd never been in both Taiwan and Shanghai. Do someone can give me information about study enviroment in those places, so it could help me to make decision.

Actually, I prefer Taiwan because it seems that life and environment in Taiwan similar to Singapore which modern, has western-influenced enviroment but still convenient to study comparing to Shanghai which so metropolitan city.

Btw, any info also regarding to NTU (ICLP) or NTNU (MTC). Which one has more experience and better campus in training Mandarin to overseas student.

Thanks a lot for anyone who feedback. 


Both ICLP and MTC are highly

Both ICLP and MTC are highly regarded and have a great depth of experience in teaching foreign students.

ICLP's program is slightly different to that offered by MTC and other universities in Taiwan. They have a more intensive and structured program. If you are really serious about learning Mandarin and have the time and money you should probably choose it.

MTC at NTNU also offers an option for intensive classes with 15 hours of instruction per week. Again if you have the money and are highly motivated then consider this option rather than the normal 10 hours per week program.

Regulations regarding visas for language students are continuing to change. Starting in 2008 full-time students need to study 15 hours per week to maintain their visa status as students. Exactly how this will affect the classes offered at MTC I am not sure. I guess ICLP's classes will be unchanged.