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Itinerary suggestion for 2 days in Taipei (Saturday, Sunday)

I recently had to devise a schedule for a two days visit in Taipei during Saturday and Sunday. As this might help others, I'm posting it here :


First day - Saturday

11:00 - Meet at the airport. Head out to Taipei.

13:00 - Arrival in Taipei, settle down in hotel, have lunch.

14:00 - head out to National Palace Museum (MRT to Shilin, bus or taxi to National Palace Museum)

15:00 - National Palace Museum (English guided tour - sign up at the entrance. Open on Saturdays till 8:30PM,)

Take taxi to...
19:30 - Arrive at Taipei Eye 台北市中山區建國北路二段66號‎

  • (Bring camera, can take photos with actors dressing up and putting make up.)

20:00 - Taipei Eye traditional Chinese opera performance.

Booked 2 tickets - 02 2517 7060‎, need to pick up and pay on location (880NT$ adult, ~700NT$ for students)

  • First part : Taiwanese Acrobatics
  • Second part : Joys of Peking Opera

21:30 - Taxi to Shilin night market. Late Dinner. Walk around.

23:00 or when we get tired - Head back to hotel by MRT.


Second day - Sunday

09:00 - Wake up, have breakfast.

10:00 - Take MRT to YuanShan MRT station.

10:45 - Taipei Story House + Tea break.

11:00 - Taipei Fine Arts Museum .

This is the visiting exhibition now -

  • Address:181, ZhongShan N. Road, Sec. 3, Taipei 104, Taiwan
  • General Telephone:+886 2 25957656
  • Museum Hours:Tuesday-Sunday 09:30 to 17:30. Open on national holidays.
  • Arrange tour with : 02-2586034 300, Viser


12:00 - Two nearby temples

13:00 - Lunch somewhere nearby.

14:00 - Take MRT to SYSMH MRT Station.

15:00 - Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall and/or Taipei City Hall about Taipei Walk around shopping malls?

16:30 - Go up Taipei 101. Sunset is at 17:10. Have coffee&cake ontop of the world.

18:00 - Dinner at Taipei 101 food court (first floor) or many of the Warner Bros restaurants.

19:00 - Some live music in one of the jazz clubs in Warner bros.

When tired - Head back to hotel/airport.


I think it seems like a

I think it seems like a very good plan. A few minor changes that could be considered:

An earlier start on Sunday morning visiting the Bao'an and Confucius Temples before the Fine Arts Museum. 

Go to 228 Museum and Taiwan Democracy Hall/Freedom Square instead of Sun Yat-sen Memorial. It is easy to catch a bus from there to Taipei 101. 

About the suggestions

Thanks. I believe CKS memorial hall is a must and the nearby peace park and museum are nice, although I wish they had more English and explanations about things there. SYSMH was chosen mainly because of a concert they had at 1530 and it being on the walk path towards the Taipei 101.

I'm not sure why, but The Fine Arts Museum has the absolute worst cafeteria possible and the visitor was vegetarian, making temples area more convenient in finding strict vegetarian options (as we finally did).

Do you have some itineraries you planned out for visitors?

I am taking a visitor around

I am taking a visitor around Taipei for one day later this month. I haven't planned the exact itinerary, but it will be fairly similar to yours. The plan is to start with the Bao'an and Confucius Temples, then the National Palace Museum. Maybe one or two more places if time allows.

Thanks for Itinerary Ideas

I really like your itinerary. I keep adding and taking things out of my itinerary and yours just added more ideas. So much to see, not enough time and jetlag foggy head.
What do you think about visiting these places?
Lungshan Temple, Botanical Gardens & History Museum (since it's in the same area), Chinese Handicraft Mart, Jade & Computer Market.
We're going to Taipei soon and I'm making an itinerary. We also wanted to fit in Chiang Kai Shek and an Opera. Haven't decided whether to go to Shilin or Snake Alley. We will also be adopting a little one so the next few days after this one will be slow, according to her schedule and likes and dislikes. We did want to take her to the zoo. Not trying to Hi-jack the thread, but do you know of places that little children may like? I've heard of the amusement park? but that may be much for a two year old. After we met her, we will have basically half days to explore the rest of the week.

Definitely Shilin and children

Snake Alley, at least IMHO, isn't living up to its old glory, and Shilin is something that keeps on surprising.

As for children, 2 year olds are a bit tricky, but the Taipei Zoo with the new pandas could be a good choice. It might sound weird, but some hotsprings are really great for kids and have little water parks for kids to fools around in. One of the big formosian aboriginal villages (like Sun Moon Lake or Ping Tung Sandimen) could be entertaining for both kids and adults. Some museums, like the fine arts museums in Taichung and Taipei have nanny sections for kids with qualified staff to take care of children with interesting things to do.

That's about it :$


Taiwan Temperature

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Visit "Yongkang Street" for

Visit "Yongkang Street" for food;
"Daxi Old Street" for a little bit of history; and
"Ximending" for shopping.