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Enquries on travelling between Taichung to Taipei.

I'm going to Taipei from 24-30 Apr. Have several questions which I need detailed answers to as I can't seems to find them on the internet.

Qn 1) Will be going to Janfusun Fancyworld Theme park on 27/4/07, Friday from Taipei.
a. What are the alternatives I have to go to the theme park and which is the fastest way I can get to the theme park from Taipei?
b. How long will the journey takes and do I need to make a reservation of the tickets?
c. if reservation need to be made / tickets need to be bought in advance, do I buy them from taipei main station or taipei railway station?

Qn 2)I'm intending to go to Taichung Railway station from Janfusun.
a. What are the alternatives I can take and how long will it take for me to travel from Janfusun to Taichung Railway station? Which is the fastest alternative?
b. Do I need to reserve the tickets or buy in advance? If so, do I get them from Janfusun? They have a counter over there selling bus tickets?

Qn 3) I can't find this taiyang bing shop.
Taiyangtang 太陽堂 @ No. 23 Tz-yo Rd. Sec. 2, Taichung 台中市西區自由路二段23號 Tel: 04-22222662
- could you direct me on how to I find this shop from Taichung railway station?

Qn 4) I'm also looking for another famous taiyang bing shop.
阿明師老店太陽堂 (台中總店:台中市自由路二段11號 電話〈04〉2227-4007~8)
Could you please direct me on how to I go there from Taiyangtang 太陽堂 @ No. 23 Tz-yo Rd. Sec. 2, Taichung 台中市西區自由路二段23號 shop?

Qn 5) I understand that Taichung Railway Station is in downtown Taichung, while Taichung HSR Station is in Wurer, Taichung County. I'm intending to bullet train back to Taipei from taichung.
a. Could you please advise me on the various ways to go from Taichung railway station to Taichung HSR station and how long would the journey be for the alternatives. Which is the fastest way? If take taxi how much would it roughly cost me?
b.Do I need to buy the tickets for the last train for the bullet train to taipei in advance? If so, where can I buy it at?

Really appreciate if I can get your reply soon.

I don't know much about

I don't know much about Taichung so I can't really answer your questions very well.

However, do try the Tourism Bureau's 24 hour hotline: 0800-011-765 They have English speaking operators. I have never used it myself, but I have been told they have all the answers for questions like yours.  

Hope this would be useful

Hope this would be useful to you.


1. The suggestion from the locals is that you can take 日統客運(solar bus) as an alternative since it has a station at Junfusan theme park.


(By the way, if you take train, then you should take off at 斗六 station and transfer to taxi which would cost you about NT300 or to bus)


The contact detail of 日統:02-25583131


Address of Taipei station:No11, Sec2, Zhongxiao W. Rd.


Price: NT730 for return ticket and 380 for single ticket per person.


P.S. Usually you don't have to book the ticket, you get the ticket  in the station or before you get on the bus.


 3. According to the map the shop offers online, if you get off from the Taichung rail station, take take the first left to the Tz-yo Rd.


the map: (sorry, only in Chinese)


As to these two shops, both of them are pretty good and actually close to each other, however, we usually prefer the shop with the mosaic trademark made by a very famous Taiwanese artist 顏水龍(Yan, Shuei Long), which is alleged more legitimate.