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Hi guys,

I'm a German citizen with residency permit in Taipei who is married with a Taiwanese. I have been for 4 years in this wonderful country. Unfortunately I had a mistake three couple weeks ago and I became aware that I have some sympthoms of Hiv. Eventough I have already started to take some tests to diagnose the Virus, I have some worries about my visa issuance due to the possibility of this STD.

Can you please answer the following questions below:

1- Is it allowed by the national law to go on staying in Taiwan for the foreigners who are married with Taiwanese citizens, affected Hiv in Taiwan? If it is possible, I want to apply for medical treatments here.

2- If not, in which conditions and how soon I would be deported? Because I work here with insurance as a registered foreigner. Is there any way/potentiality to overcome the deporting?

I need some ideas/advices to solve this problem. Because I dont want to leave my Taiwanese family, nice workfellows and beautiful Taipei.

Thanks and regards to those who may be concerned with my topic.