Winners - 2011 Taiwan Best Blog Awards

Best Taiwan Blog Awards 2011 - Winners

All votes have been counted and all peer judges have submitted their decisions. It's time to roll out the winners.


But, just before that...

Most important - it's all for the Taiwan blogging community

The whole purpose of this awards process, the reason that we took the trouble of running this, was to promote the Taiwan based blogging community. Some of the bloggers used this opportunity to write a post recommending and linking to other blogs they liked.

List of posts with bloggers who recommended other bloggers:

If you're a blogger, please use this as an opportunity to refresh your blogroll or write a blog post about the bloggers you follow. If you already wrote one, let us know and we'll add it here.


As we're about to dive in for the results, we'd like to remind you this was all for fun and the general promotion of the Taiwan blogosphere. We're aware of some sensitivities in certain categories, so we would like to encourage you to show good sportsmanship and congratulate the winners and all participants for a job well done this year.


Best Overall Taiwan Blog

Peer Judged

1st - Shu Flies (24)

2nd - Letters from Taiwan (21)

Popular Vote

1st - Free Taiwan

2nd - Letters from Taiwan


Best General Taiwan Blog

Peer Judged

1st - Ilha Formosa – Alt om Taiwan ; Poagao's Journal (8)

Popular Vote

1st - The Taiwan Adventure Blog (169)

2nd - Paogao's Journal (162)


Best Other Taiwan Blog

Peer Judged

1st - US Taiwan Defense Command (14)

2nd - Chinese Hacks (13)

Popular Vote

1st - US Taiwan Defense Command (180)

2nd - Joy Oh Joy (145)


Best Personal Taiwan Blog

Peer Judged

1st - shu flies (舒飛) :: life in Taiwan (24)

2nd - Bamboo Butterfly (14)

Popular Vote

1st - Shu Flies (51)

2nd - Sandy's Neipu Notebook (13)


Best Photography Taiwan Blog

Peer Judged

1st - Neil Wade's Photography Blog (18)

2nd - liefintaiwan (11)

Popular Vote

1st - Photo Jazz (380)

2nd - Alton's Images (161)


Best Politics Taiwan Blog

Peer Judged

1st - Letters from Taiwan (21)

2nd - DEMO! Taiwan Democracy Movement ; That's Impossible: Politics from Taiwan (12)

Popular Vote

1st - Free Taiwan (774)

2nd - Letters from Taiwan (684)


Best Travel Taiwan Blog

Peer Judged

1st - A Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei (18)

2nd - Hiking Taiwan (15)

Popular Vote

1st - A Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei (74)

2nd - Lao Ren Cha (64)


Most social blogs

(Calculated by number of Facebook shares and likes as indicated by Facebook recommendation widget)

Taiwan Duck (44) ; The Wild East (34) ; Alton's Images (29)



Lastly, winners by location...

Best Northern Taiwan Blog

Free Taiwan

Best Central Taiwan Blog

Letters from Taiwan

Best Southern Taiwan Blog

That's Impossible : Politics from Taiwan



Congratulations to the winners.


For the popular vote race, to see the final count check out the list of Taiwan blogs sorted by awards votes.

For the peer judges, we'd like to thank the following for their participation (judges were naturally not allowed to vote for own blogs) :

MKL, Brian Q Webb, Alton, Michael Turton, Carrie Kellenberger, Wade Kaardal, & Trista .




This year we're happy that we have something to give our 1st place winners.

For the 1st place winners by popular votes

Dreamwater Asia are giving away a free float in their flotation tanks to the overall 1st place winner as well as each category 1st place winner by popular votes. These floats are valued at NT$2000 each.

Phottix have offered a set of their Phottix Strato II Multi flash triggers to the winner of the photography section.

For the 1st place winners by peer judges

We have some great books for you. We're giving 3 copies of a Taiwan paperback book -Keeping Up With the War God, written by Steven Crook and 2 copies of Nick Kembel's "Taiwan from the Eyes of a Foreigner".

For the most social blogs

We have a great app for you. You will each receive a digital license for Steven Crook's recently launched Taiwan guide mobile app - "Taiwan for culture vultures".


Big thanks to our sponsors.


Photttix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Trigger

Keeping Up With the War God

Taiwan from the eyes of a foreigner


We will coordinate this with the individual winners directly.


Be proud, share the love

Winners are invited to use the following banner in anyway they see fit and/or link back to this post. We also encourage bloggers to link back to the Taiwanderful Taiwan blogs directory as to point their visitors to other blogs in our blogosphere.

Winner - Best Taiwan Blog Awards 2011


Last words

If you're currently living in Taiwan and you're not blogging but would like to write something and share your Taiwan experiences, the Taiwanderful blog is looking for guest writers and we'd love to have you on board! Contact us if you're interested.

If you're already blogging but not on our directory, please take a minute to add your blog.

Final thanks goes to the wonderful Craig Ferguson who has been amazing at helping Taiwanderful with this years awards process. Craig has pushed this whole process up a few levels and his contribution to our little blogosphere is very much appreciated.



See you in 2012. Happy new year.