Web2.0 and the Taiwanderful community

Taiwanderful was built as a tribute to Taiwan, showing our great passion and love for Taiwan. David and myself spend so many hours a week discussing and writing about Taiwan, that we both felt like we need a better platform where we can share that knowledge and our efforts with others and hopefully create a more diverse interaction about Taiwan. Taiwanderful is a small step in that direction.

There are a number of differences between Taiwanderful and other existent Taiwan communities, and I believe that has to do with both people and technology. David and I will continue to do what we do about Taiwan, regardless of how many people join the community, only now it became easier for us to share our knowledge about Taiwan in a comfortable manageable way with an easy interface and the right technological platform. Contributing a Taiwan link , submitting a Taiwan event , adding or editing a Taiwan guide is now easier than ever thanks to a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor with an easy photo-upload and a collaborative event and weblink directory platform. Furthermore, Taiwanderful does include the option for easy blogging for those who would like to blog as part of a Taiwan community and we do offer streaming Taiwan news and a list of Taiwan related books and movies that we recommend.

Internet users love Web-2.0 and they love it regardless of the site's business model. Users upload their personal videos to Youtube regardless of the fact they'll see no money off the 1.6 billion dollars Youtube pocketed, and many users use Google's search engine and wonderful Gmail services regardless of the fact that Google is becoming the highest profitable online company based on ads displayed on their information and search queries. Users do not join and contribute to communities because of money they get or despite the fact companies are making money, they join because the tool or the community offers them something they were looking for. There are many successful online web2.0 user-generated-content communities - Digg, Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Myspace, Facebook, to name a few. We salute those websites for giving an extremely valuable service for free, we would like to see them push on forward with improving their platforms for us users, and we support their business model based on online ads.

Revenue sharing is a new experimental model in Taiwanderful that is still rarely implemented on the Internet. What revenue sharing means is that in Taiwanderful we implement that exact same web2.0 model only we like to reward the community members for their contributions. We provide the community base with our knowledge, the advanced communal technology platform to easily manage knowledge, the search-engine-optimization to get the information on Taiwan higher and more accessible on search engines, the ongoing improvement and maintenance (features, bugfixes, backups, hosting, moderation etc.) and you contribute - if you wish - your knowledge and experience. We've taken care of all that's necessary for you to only think about content. Since we value member contribution we decided that 55% should go to the members for content contribution revenue sharing and referral rewards, while 45% goes to improving the community. We hope that users will find that an important added value to the classic web2.0 online-communities.