Watch Taiwanese Movies and Drama Online

Ever since the Taiwanderful Taiwan Movie Guide went up, we've been getting questions asking where somebody can get a hold of those movies. is a website that could help you. Collecting video postings of Taiwanese movies and Taiwanese drama, you can see most of those online with English subtitles. I'm not sure how much the movie and TV producers would like that, and how long this website would last, but enjoy it while it's there.

Watch Taiwanese Movies and Drama Online

So, for example, last year The Most Distant Course and Secret were released in Taiwan and were fairly successful...


The Most Distant Course - Part 1


Secret - Part 1


It seems they do a fairly good job with keeping an eye on broken links. If you watch a Taiwan movie that's not on the Taiwanderful Taiwan Movie Guide, please take a few moments to submit it to the directory.


I found a collection of

I found a collection of videos from allover the internet under the category of taiwan drama from this video sharing site as well - goto taiwan drama. It seems that people share taiwanese videos from there.