Voting in the 2010 Taiwan Best Blog Awards

Vote in the 2010 Taiwan blog awards

Voting has now started in the 2010 Taiwan Best Blog Awards. Anybody can participate in the online voting and there is no need to register. To vote go to the Taiwan blog directory and browse through the blogs. Voting will run from 1 to 20 December. The winners will be announced on 21 December.

The voting uses a Digg style positive voting mechanism. You can vote for as many blogs as you like. However, you can only vote for a blog once every 24 hours from any IP. Cache is enabled on the site. It might take up to 30 minutes for the vote to appear in the aggregated count on the node or list for anonymous. Logged in users are not cached and see live results.

Peer-judged awards (updated)

In addition to the popular online voting there is also a peer-judged section in the awards. Any person that has a Taiwan-related blog can vote in this section of the awards (not just those whose blogs are registered at Taiwanderful). Voting is via an online form. If you would like to vote just send an e-mail to David ( to request the link to the voting form. Some Taiwan bloggers have already been sent an e-mail inviting them to vote. The deadline for voting is 20 December, the same as for the popular online vote.

Some other points to note

If you have any questions or technical problems with voting or registering your blog you can post in the Troubleshooting and FAQ forum at Taiwanderful. You can also become a fan of the Taiwanderful Facebook page or follow @Taiwanderful at Twitter.

If there is only one blog registered in a category there will be no award in that category. However, the blog is still eligible for the overall award. Taiwanderful may make some slight adjustments to the blog categories if there is not enough blogs eligible for the award in some category. Some blogs which are listed at Taiwanderful may not be eligible for the awards because they haven't been recently updated, are not Taiwan related or their primary language is not English.

David and Fili's blogs are registered at Taiwanderful but will not be considered for the awards. Craig Ferguson also requested that his blog not be included in the awards this year. Please also check the fine print in in the blog awards announcement.


Here are some graphics that you can use on your site to promote the awards and encourage people to vote for your blog.

Vote for me 120x240

Vote for me 125x125