Taiwanderful for Taiwan bloggers

If you already have a blog about Taiwan, like David and I, and are wondering what Taiwanderful could offer you ontop of your blog, here are a few things to consider :

  • Taiwan guides
    • A blog is built on time sorted posts while the Taiwanderful guides are subject based. Information is managed differently context-subject based, and alot more accessible for someone interested in a specific topic.
    • Taiwan guides are editable by others. If you want your information to stay relevant and up to date but you're not sure on how often you can maintain it, contributing it to the community has the potential more frequent updates and further additions.
  • Blogs
    • Your blog is your personal blog and is about, well, you. In Taiwanderful the blog is part of a community and is about Taiwan, making it more approachable for those who are interested in the subject of Taiwan and are members of the community. Blogs in Taiwanderful have the context of the other information on that site, giving your blog on Taiwanderful a more targeted audience.
  • Exposure
    • Taiwanderful is still building up, but as the community grows we believe a Taiwanderful blog will give you great exposure. On the technical side, we do invest in SEO and believe that a blog on Taiwanderful will give out-of-the-box much better search-engine rankings than other platforms.

We hope that you would like to share your Taiwan information with the community and that you'll find Taiwanderful useful and valuable. If you like, you could always cross post in both your blog in a Taiwanderful guide or blog, also giving your self an incoming link.

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