Taiwan Best Blog Awards 2009 - Vote for your favorite Taiwan blogs

Voting for the 2009 Taiwan Best Blog Awards is now open. Anybody can participate in the online voting — there is no need to register. To vote for your favorite blogs go to the blog directory and check out the blogs in the various categories. The categories are personal, travel, photography, general, and politics. (Update: Due to a lack of entries in some categories, tech, language & education and other have been merged into general or personal.) You can vote for more than one blog. You can also vote for a blog more than once. More details on the voting method are given below. 

Voting method

The voting implemented is a positive Digg style voting mechanism (no minuses "-" or "bury"), which allows all visitors to vote for all their favorite Taiwan blogs. Every visitor can contribute one vote per blog for as many Taiwan blogs as they like. The blog that gets the most votes within a certain category is declared "The best Taiwan <category> blog".

Please note that anonymous voting is allowed, and is limited to one vote per one IP for a duration of 24 hours. This system of voting isn’t perfect and it is subjected to some biases. However, we’re only doing this for fun and the promotion of Taiwan’s English blogosphere. We trust that our fellow bloggers will play fair. 

How to vote?

Taiwan Blog Awards - Best Taiwan Blogs 2008 - Voting

Next to every blog display here's a small voting box with a plus sign at the bottom. Want to vote for a blog? press the plus sign. The vote will then register, the number of votes will update and the plus sign will turn green. Changed your mind or made a mistake? select the "reset vote" link at the bottom of the blog description.

Voting schedule

Voting will take place from 1-20 December 2009. The winners will be announced on 21 December 2009. 

Peer-judged awards

Voting for the peer-judged awards will also take place during the voting period. Voting forms will be distributed to the judges and the votes tallied by David. The judges are Ben, Portnoy, Carrie, Todd, DJ Marcus, Fili and David.

Things to note

If you have any questions or technical problems with voting or registering your blog you can post in the “Troubleshooting and FAQ” forum at Taiwanderful. You can also become a fan of the Taiwanderful Facebook page or follow @Taiwanderful at Twitter.

If there is only one blog registered in a category there will be no award in that category. However, the blog is still eligible for the overall award. Some blogs which are listed at Taiwanderful may not be eligible for the awards because they haven't been recently updated, are not Taiwan related or their primary language is not English. See the fine print in the previous post for more details.