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Winners - 2011 Taiwan Best Blog Awards

Best Taiwan Blog Awards 2011 - Winners

All votes have been counted and all peer judges have submitted their decisions. It's time to roll out the winners.

KTLA's Taiwan best vacations

KTLA recently visited Taiwan. These two video parts are the result :

Travel in Taiwan Tourism Bureau e-magazine now online

The Taiwan government tourism bureau releases a bi-monthly magazine “Travel in Taiwan”, which is now available online.


Wikipedia introduces:

Travel In Taiwan, an English-language bimonthly magazine, is produced in Taipei, Taiwan by Vision International Publishing Co Ltd on behalf of Taiwan's Tourism Bureau, an agency of the country's Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

Taiwan Culture: Work oneupmanship Taiwan style - Guest Post from Betel Equation

This next guest post is by Dan Chapman, a Taiwan based blogger who writes "Betelnut Equation". If you're interested in writing a guest blog for Taiwanderful, please write to or use the contact form.


Goodbye Taiwan Feed and alternative Taiwan blogosphere sources

Taiwan bloggers on a Google mapThose who have been blogging about Taiwan or looking for English based information about Taiwan are probably familiar to some extent with the "Taiwan Feed". The project started a few years back as a service to gather blog posts from Taiwan based bloggers and provide them in an aggregated form for readers interested in Taiwan.

Ultimate Taiwanese Experience : Win a Million NT$ and Travel Taiwan for Free

Watch Taiwanese Movies and Drama Online

Ever since the Taiwanderful Taiwan Movie Guide went up, we've been getting questions asking where somebody can get a hold of those movies.

Discovery Channel's "Unknown Taiwan"

Discovery recently had some wonderful shows about the "Unknown Taiwan". It includes an indepth cultural and historical look at Taiwan. I strongly recommend you watch those.


Here's what I was able to find on Chinese video sites :

Discovery Channel Unknown Taiwan - Jinguashi - part 1

Suggested Taiwan Blogs RSS reading

Suggested Taiwan Blogs RSS reading The following list of blogs has been my Taiwan RSS reading for the 18 months that I've lived in Taiwan, adding the blogs as I got to know them.

Taiwan Blog Awards Winners - A Taiwanderful interview with Mandarin Scholarship Taiwan

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