David's Guide at Taiwanderful

David's Guide to Taiwan had its beginnings back in 2002. It was a small site created using simple HTML coding.

Over the years the site grew and developed. However, after I returned to Taiwan in 2006 I didn't update the site as much as I would have liked to. Part of the reason for this was the inconvenience of writing HTML and the other reason was I was putting more time and effort into my blog and photos.

Most of the content of the old David's Guide to Taiwan has been imported into Taiwanderful. I have updated many of the pages and also added some new ones. I have lots of ideas about things to write and I will slowly add new pages over time.

The navigation of this site is a little different to the old site. Hopefully people who used the old site will familiarise themselves with it. If there is something you can't find try the search box in the top left corner.

I would also like to point out some of the interesting content in David's Guide to Taiwan.

The section with the largest amount of content at the moment is the travel section. This is divided into several sections, the main ones being Day trips around Taipei and Interesting places in Taipei. I will add more places to this as I visit them and gather information. All the information is very much centered on Taipei. I would like it to have a much wider coverage and this is where I hope other users at Taiwanderful contribute.

The Studying Chinese in Taiwan section has a couple of articles which intend to correct some of the common misunderstandings about Chinese characters. See Writing Taiwanese using Chinese characters and the newly added Understanding Chinese characters.

I just added an article Lessons from another island to the Taiwan's environment section. I wrote this article, which compares Taiwan and Sri Lanka, several years ago. Environmental issues are a major interest of mine and I hope to expand this section of the site. Others are welcome to contribute too.

I really like the way it is so easy to update this site and I am sure I will update it and add new content far more frequently than I did at the old site. I will also use the blog here to alert people to new content I have written.