2010 Taiwan Best Blog Awards

Taiwan blog awards 2010

Taiwanderful is happy to announce the third annual Taiwan Best Blog Awards. The awards aim to promote English-language blogs about Taiwan. Online voting and peer-judging will decide the best blogs in each category as well as overall the overall winner of best blog.

Last year a peer-judged section was added to the awards. A small group of Taiwan bloggers were invited to act as the judges. This year the peer-judged section will continue, but anyone who has a Taiwan-related blog will be eligible to vote. Voting for the peer-judged section will take place via an online form. More details about this will be provided during the voting period.

Although there are no prizes offered the awards aim to promote the wonderful content of Taiwan's blogs and encourage linking between Taiwan blogs. Entrants in the awards are encouraged to promote their own blogs and other Taiwan blogs they like through posts on their own blogs and by using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

The award is for English-language blogs about Taiwan registered in the Taiwan blog directory at Taiwanderful. If you want your blog to be eligible for the awards you must register at Taiwanderful before 1 December 2010. Voting in the awards will take place from 1-20 December 2010 and the winner will be announced on 21 December 2010.


In addition to the best overall award there are category based awards. There must be at least two blogs in a category for an award to be made. The current categories for blogs at Taiwanderful are listed below. The categories may be adjusted slightly before voting begins depending on the number of blogs entered in each category.

  • General
  • Language & education
  • Other
  • Personal
  • Photography
  • Politics
  • Tech
  • Travel

In addition there will also be awards for the best blog by geographical region -- northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan. However, this section will be decided by popular online vote only.

Registering for the awards

You need to register for Taiwanderful (you can also sign in using Open ID) and then add your blog's details to the blog directory. If you have previously registered your blog there is no need to register again. However, you might like to check your entry and update it if necessary. If you have any difficulties registering you can ask questions in the Troubleshooting and FAQ forum or leave a comment on this post.

Voting for the awards

Voting will take place from 1-20 December 2010.

The popular online vote will use a Digg style positive voting mechanism. Every visitor can contribute one vote per blog for as many Taiwan blogs as they like. The blog that gets the most votes within a certain category is declared "The best Taiwan [category] blog".

Voting for the peer-judged awards will take place between 1-20 December. This voting will take place via an online form. Any person that has a regularly updated Taiwan-related blog is eligible to vote. Further details will be provided during the voting period.

Fine print

  • The award is for blogs registered at Taiwanderful with original content written mainly in English and related to Taiwan.
  • Any person that has a regularly updated Taiwan-related blog is eligible to vote in the peer-judged section of the awards. A person can only vote once even if they have multiple blogs.
  • To ensure that only active blogs win the award, blogs must have been updated in the last three months to be eligible for the awards.
  • Fili and David's blogs may be registered at Taiwanderful, but are not eligible to receive any awards.
  • Any person or blog that tries to manipulate the online voting system in an unfair manner may be disqualified.
  • In the event of any dispute the decision of David and Fili shall be final.