2009 Taiwan Best Blog Awards - final results

The results of the voting in the 2009 Taiwan best blog awards are below.


Peer-judged: A Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei
Popular vote: shu flies


Peer-judged: Neil Wade's Photography Blog, Craig Ferguson Images
Popular vote: Craig Ferguson Images


Peer-judged: The New Hampshire Bushman, shu flies
Popular vote: shu flies


Peer-judged: Taiwan Matters!, That's Impossible: Politics from Taiwan
Popular vote: Taiwan Matters!


Peer-judged: Betelnut Equation, Sponge Bear
Popular vote: Jar of Buttons


Peer-judged: A Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei, Hiking Taiwan
Popular vote: A Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei

Many thanks to the judges Ben, Portnoy, Carrie, Todd, DJ Marcus, Fili and David. Thanks to everyone who entered their blogs in the awards too.

Please note: Voting was tied in three of the five categories of the peer-judged section. It was then decided to give the award to two blogs in each category.

Here is a graphic winners of the blog awards can place on their blog. Please link the image back to this post.The url is http://www.taiwanderful.net/blog/2009-taiwan-best-blog-awards-final-results.

taiwan blog awards winner

taiwanderful blog

There is a bias between the majority popular and judges.


To all the judges who made me joint winner in the general category. Thanks very much....And a Merry Christmas.